Test, Train, Treat



“Assess to Progress”

The success of the Ortho-Kinetics® System is built upon our Proprietary Assessment and Programming Process that combines advanced methods of analyzing posture, joint mobility, muscular balance, and functional movement performance. The Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment is also vital for the training and Rehab Programs we deliver for our professional, amateur, and young athletes. Regardless of your current abilities, goals, or age, this comprehensive Assessment will unveil and help correct any misalignments, joint limitations, and muscular imbalances that are creating pain, promoting injury, and inhibiting your strength, movement, and overall performance.



“Prepare for Success”

Armed with our patented Software Application, our Certified Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers & Therapists will design a customized corrective and performance exercise program derived from the cumulative data gathered from your Assessment. As trained biomechanics specialists, they will also guide you through your program while modifying and teaching precise technique on every exercise included. Committed to your success, they will regularly assess your improvements, progress your program and provide expert training to help you improve function, develop strength, decrease pain, and enhance movement to achieve optimal performance and pinnacle fitness.



“Integrate to Assimilate”

ORTHO-KINETICS® Therapy is the process of integrating our assessment and training system along with different modalities of therapy and rehab. Our ORTHO-KINETICS® Trainers and Therapists are trained to work closely with other Health Professionals and Clinical Practitioners to synergistically coordinate their treatment plans with their customized training programs. Some have supplementary training and certification, (and licensing when needed), to personally provide Manual in order to maximize their athlete’s and clients exercise efforts and training results.