The Assessment

Ortho-Kinetics® Fitness Assessment Now Available

We are proud to offer you our new Ortho-Kinetics® Fitness Assessment as an extraordinary foundation for your experience here. This assessment is the most advanced assessment in the industry and will give you a customized prescription for achieving any fitness goal.

The assessment comprises 3 one-hour private sessions with an Ortho-Kinetics® professional trainer in which the following components are addressed:

  1. Fitness Goals - Your trainer will interview you briefly about your current fitness goals.
      • Do you want to lose weight?
      • Do you want to decrease inflammation or pain?
      • Do you want to improve your sports performance?
      • Do you want to increase lean muscle mass and improve the way you look?
      • How do you want to work out? Do you want to exercise independently, take group/semi-private classes, or engage a personal trainer?
  1. Posture - During the posture assessment, your trainer will ask you assume various positions to check for natural imbalances or biases in your spine and limbs.
  2. Joint and Muscle Development - During the joint and muscle development assessment, your trainer will ask you complete simple movements of each joint and muscle. In some cases, your trainer will perform small manipulations or adjustments on your body to help determine range of motion. You will be asked to remove shoes and socks so that the feet and ankle can be tested.
  3. Movement Patterns. In this phase, your trainer will use information gathered during the various posture, joint, and muscle observations to test several key movement patterns. You may be asked to perform light exercises that are customized to verify your individual biases.
  4. Customized Exercise Plan. During the last phase of your assessment, your trainer will review the results of your Ortho-Kinetics® assessment along with your fitness goals, and present to you a customized fitness plan that you can do on your own at Island Fitness. Should you decide you’d like to apply your Ortho-Kinetics® assessment to group/semi-private classes or personal training, your trainer will discuss that with you as well.

 The total cost for all three sessions is $195.