Training Levels

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Training Levels

Ortho-Kinetics® at Island Fitness currently has 3 progressive levels of Trainer Certifications available which encompass hours of advanced training and higher education. Island Fitness trainers typically have a national certification and/or a bachelor’s degree in the health field along with completion of the Ortho-Kinetics® Apprenticeship Program prior to working as part of our team and providing fitness services for our members and clients. Island Fitness trainers are dedicated to expanding and improving their skills to provide the Ortho-Kinetics® assessment, customized programming, proprietary corrective and performance training, and the specialized manual therapies that are all part of this system. The Island Fitness training team has trainers at all levels that work cohesively together as well as with other inside and outside health providers in order to provide the highest level of expertise and experience at the most affordable price possible.


Apprentices range from new graduate students in the fields of Exercise Science to experienced personal trainers already within the industry. Regardless of background or experience, apprentices must share a strong passion for providing fitness services of the highest quality and demonstrate the aptitude and dedication to complete the educational requirements to become an Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer. As part of the Apprenticeship, they will begin providing training sessions under the mentorship of our Specialist Level Trainers and Therapists who have provided the Assessments, exercise prescription, and continual evaluation of the client’s progress. Rates range from $50 – $55


Trainers have successfully completed the Apprenticeship program and passed the Professional Level course. These trainers have completed over 250 hrs of advanced education, practical training and case work and have been rigorously tested and certified to provide our highly acclaimed “Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment”. Professional Level Trainers are also qualified to develop and deliver tailored Corrective Exercise and Performance Based Training programs that will help clients move, feel and look their best! Island Fitness Professional Trainers are often assisted by our Specialist Level Trainer/Therapists when additional Assessment, Programming, Training or Treatment is needed to address a client’s more complex needs or performance goals. Rates range from $60 – $70


Island Fitness Specialist Trainers provide continuing education and lead teams of Professional Trainers. They have advanced levels of knowledge, experience, certifications and training within our system and are qualified to provide a higher level of Advanced Assessments, Programming and Training. Specialists have been working within our system for at least 8-10 years, are more experienced and skilled than our Professional level trainers. Specialists are better equipped to handle clients with more complex challenges in need of more corrective exercise training.  Rates Range from $75 – $85