Meet the Owners

“Strength, Flexibility and Balance” is more than a tagline. Individually, these words form the foundation not only of the values that we instill in this business, but how we live our lives. We know we own more than a fitness club.

We cherish the community that is Island Fitness and work alongside a team of dedicated fitness professionals to help people realize their full potential in a caring and supportive environment. In embracing these values we know that true wellness incorporates consistent and quality nutrition, exercise, rest, mindful breathing through meditation and yoga.
Equally important are family time, challenging the way we move our bodies daily and being outside in nature. We work at balancing all of that while embracing flexibility in the physical sense as well as professionally.

We love trying new things and bringing new ideas to Island Fitness. We know that you cannot have real strength without balance. What we enjoy most about working at Island Fitness are the relationships with both members and our incredible staff.

Our love, admiration and respect for each other are our ‘secret’ to 26 years of marriage, 24 years of raising 3 boys and 13 years of successfully working together professionally!

Alexa and Michael Rosenthal