Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

At Island Fitness, we offer an individualized nutrition and wellness program to meet your life and daily routine. You and your coach will work closely to understand your goals and develop a personalized nutrition and wellness program.

Your program will include weekly menu planning, shopping lists, portion sizes, motivational tips and overall accountability for helping you see through to your goal. It is important to realize that ultimately you have the ability to ensure your success, and your Coach will support you every step of the way.

To contact a certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach, call 206.842.5720 or email

Achieving a permanent lifestyle change takes commitment and time. With your Coach, you will define your goals, work to attain them and, most challenging of all, learn how to maintain the success you achieve. Every body has unique needs and this is the reason we do not prescribe a standard one-size-fits-all regimen. The resultant program and the steps to attain them will reflect your individual desires. By identifying the appropriate amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for your body, we will adjust your caloric intake to meet your requirements.

Our Nutritional and Wellness Program takes into consideration all of you, not just how you eat or exercise. We refer to this as the Wellness Foundational Principles:Thoughts & Behaviors

  • Hydration
  • Sleep cycles
  • Food intake
  • Exercise

All of these principles are evaluated and discussed with your Coach as you work together toward ultimate success.

Whether you are training for an athletic event, working to lose weight, managing or preventing diabetes or searching for a better understanding of your nutritional needs for a healthy lifestyle, our Coaches can create a program unique to you.

The Island Fitness Nutritional and Wellness Program is based on a 6-hour commitment and is spread over eleven weeks. Your first session takes one hour and is followed by weekly half-hour meetings.

With your dedication to a personalized program, the support of your Coach and the commitment to your overall well-being, you can count on success! We look forward to working with you at Island Fitness.


24-hour cancellation policy applies to nutrition appointments.