We love to hear what our members have to say about Island Fitness!

I have been going to Island Fitness for the last couple of months. At 82, I felt it was important to increase my strength and fitness. I have an arthritic knee which has greatly improved since I started with Sara. I feel stronger and have better balance. I am very pleased with my work at Island Fitness.
— Sonya Marinoni
Most of my life, I was never considered to be athletic or strong. I was always the last picked for any team. People laughed at my lack of strength and coordination. I tried different fitness and exercise programs, but never found anything to make much of a difference. Then, a few years ago, I joined Island Fitness, just to keep my daughter company when she joined. It wasn’t long before I realized I was actually getting more fit! After working out with IF trainers, I could actually see definition of some muscles! I could keep up with my teenage nephews on the ski slopes! I could backpack longer and carry a bigger pack than I ever had! Wow!

While all of the IF people are knowledgeable, caring, and fun, I particularly have benefited from working with Kat and Kettlebells! Kettlebells with Kat is the first thing I’ve ever done that really made a difference in my strength, muscle mass (such as it is!), and endurance. It’s totally made a difference in my life. At 60 plus years old, I am stronger than I’ve ever been! And being strong and fit is FUN!
— Eileen Safford
I have been getting massages from Jennifer for many years and through several surgeries, and she is one of the very best I’ve ever experienced. She is thoughtful, kindly, knowledgeable about different massage techniques and has a very gentle touch. But for such a slender person, she has very strong hands and unusually talented elbows, and I usually leave the gym in a state of prolonged rapture. She really is amazing wonderful, and I’m hoping she continues to be available for massages at Island Fitness in perpetuity-I’ll need them!
— Frank Stowell
“Jennifer is a great massage therapist. She listens to what is bothering you physically and is able to focus on that area but still give a complete massage, I would recommend d Jennifer to anyone who gets sore muscles often.
— Jordan Wagner – Professional trainer / Lead Pilates Instructor
I just really wanted to say thank you, Kat, for your help with my diet. It’s only been a little bit since we made these changes and I already feel so much better in my gut and so much more stable with higher energy levels. I even had some bone broth. Yum! I’m excited to schedule a follow up with you in a little while and review everything. You’re awesome!
— Ella K.
To the Management of Island Fitness
I wish to compliment you on hiring such a wonderful trainer, Sara Morgan.
Sara has been my trainer for over a year now. And while I have days that I so not care to go into the gym, Sara is always there with her lovely spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude that helps me get through each session.
I can climb stairs, carry heavy items and my core is so much stronger that I don’t feel like I am going to fall down all the time.
Sara has improved my life significantly.
Thank you,
— M. Cynthia Costello
Tony is a fantastic Massage Therapist, and I recommend a massage by him any day! Tony did a fantastic job of understanding my massage needs, as well as finding the specific points in my body that needed work. He does much more than just a typical massage - as an avid lifter, and athlete, my muscles get pretty tight, so having Tony not only lengthen my muscle with massage but also through assisted stretching, was absolutely fantastic! Tony is professional, knowledgeable, and great at what he does, so I recommend him to anyone who needs a good deep massage and stretch!
— Rachel Wittreich
As a client of Gavin’s, I am happy to report that his targeted Ortho-Kinetics training methods are amazingly effective for improving movement and reducing pain. Years of various musculoskeletal treatments for various injuries and limitations, while helpful, have not yielded, for me, the improvement in strength and alignment and at the same time reduction in pain, in the way that Gavin’s targeted training has for me in the first eight weeks, we have worked together. Eight hours of training spread over the two months has yielded remarkable reductions in pain and increases in functionality, and for that I am grateful. Gavin has a special gift for seeing exactly what I need to work on and supporting me through that work in a highly effective way, with a relatively minimal investment of time and effort (well, I say that, in that each session seems like pretty hard work, but in retrospect it’s quite doable). As a physician, I can’t say enough about my respect for Gavin’s knowledge, skills, and commitment to improving the lives of his clients.
— Marsha
My husband Fred & I moved to Bainbridge Island part-time in 2005. He joined Island Fitness and I joined several years later. A few years ago Fred started working out 3x/week with Gavin. We could both see a difference in general health & body stability.

I continued on 3 machines halfheartedly and continued to gain weight and inches yearly. This past June at the age of 71, I decided to try working out with Diane twice a week. I had my speech ready -I don’t like coming to a gym, the machines are intimidating and here’s my list of past surgeries and health issues.

Diane began to proceed through 3 visits of thorough [ortho-kinetics assessment] evaluation of my body’s strengths and weaknesses, including colored charts. I was impressed. We then started our own workouts. Diane never shamed or embarrassed me about what I couldn’t do. I feel safe with her and her expertise and she respects when I say I can’t do anymore. Diane is fun, has great energy and is creative with our workouts. She is full of interesting tidbits on health, nutrition, life, and octopus!!

It has been a great summer and I have lost 10 lbs and inches! I actually am looking forward to returning to our schedule when we return next summer. The gym is still not my favorite place to go, but besides church, it’s the most important!

Thank you, Diane!
— Robbin
Congratulations to Michael, Alexa and the staff from Earl and Tena.

We appreciate all you do for the community and for ourselves. We are in good shape for our ages thanks to Island Fitness classes and trainers. Island Fitness is the major part of our social life. Tena takes the Enhance Fitness classes. I take Cardio Mix, Pilates Mat, Cardio Re-mix and Body Pump.

We also continue to hike, ski, bike ride, and canoe. I am attaching pictures of some activities. Sorry to miss the party, but it is my 79th birthday today and we are having our own party. Thanks for contributing to our health and fitness.
— Earl & Tina
I want to share my experience with those of you who may be facing physical limitations that affect the quality of your senior years. I am 69 years old, retired, and recently underwent total knee replacement surgery. My recovery from surgery has been complicated by arthritis and a rare late-life form of hereditary muscular dystrophy (FSHD). My surgeon (Dr. Larry Holland) and my physical therapist (Keith Heinzelman, BIPT) recommended that I overlap my physical therapy sessions with half-hour personal training sessions with Carol at Island Fitness. Pre-surgery, I had already been working with Carol on fitness in general, with a focus on strengthening my knee muscles to prepare for surgery.

The exercise discipline and body awareness I gained during personal training have greatly enhanced my commitment to and benefit from post-surgery therapy. Working with Carol is helping me rebuild overall body stamina, while Keith focuses on knee therapy and adaptations needed for daily life. Both of these skilled, caring, dedicated professionals take into account my neuro-muscular limitations to avoid harming muscle tissue while maintaining and gradually building strength.

I urge you not to give up, but rather to cherish what physical abilities you have and to work on optimizing your physical potential. I have discovered that Island Fitness is a welcoming supportive environment whether you are a jock or a person who uses a walker. If you are concerned about waning strength and vitality, come give it a try!
— Robin Hunt
I joined Island Fitness a few months ago, and have been glowing every time I’ve worked out — especially afterward. As a teenager, I had tried to work out at a gym but experienced the whole thing as tedious and boring. Since that time, I’ve avoided any fitness centers.

Before I joined, I kept meeting people on Bainbridge Island who love Island Fitness and seeing their success made me say, Okay, I’m giving this a try.

In the past, knee problems discouraged me yet I knew weight loss would help my knee. I felt caught in an unworkable cycle — it hurt too much to work out! But, when I signed up for a one-year membership at Island Fitness, I was given three sessions with an expert in Ortho-Kinetics.

I knew I’d have to face my weakness and fears and change the various ways I’ve tried to exercise without hurting my knee further. My trainer Carol helped me strengthen my knees through Ortho-Kinetics and now I can walk quickly on the treadmill for twice as long and one-third faster from when I first arrived!

At first, I was shocked by the level of support I received and continue to receive. I now see that Island Fitness is not just the place I work out, it’s the place I get emboldened to stick with what’s working. Every staff member has been supportive from day one. I continue to feel encouraged, whether by the people behind the desk when you arrive, or other folks that work here.

The Island Fitness program for new members called “Blast Off” is awesome. When a person first joins, they are given a punch card and for every seven visits, they earn a prize. This applies for the first 6 weeks of membership. I found this reward technique to be so USEFUL for me. I jumped right in from day one and wanted to EARN these increasingly valuable prizes! Don’t think I’m nuts, but this little game helped me get through the biggest barrier of just walking through the door. I am here for my health, but earning a prize every week really inspired me, and some of the prizes I’ve won are super valuable. Since my first 6 weeks, I learned that I was one of the first members in history to have completed it!

My biggest reward for joining the gym is that my knee is getting better. Before Island Fitness, I could never imagine walking three-and-a-half miles on a treadmill. Now I can! I know this is just the beginning.

In addition, my mood has lifted noticeably and I’ve lost 40 pounds (thanks to my healthy nutrition program)! I really feel better. I’ve always heard exercise boosts endorphins but I didn’t believe it. Now I do!

If anyone is afraid to join because they don’t feel fit enough, they should know that Island Fitness guides you to meet your goals in ways that worked for you. They help you discover safe ways that push you but don’t push too fast or too hard. No matter where you are in your goals or physical challenges, Island Fitness staff meet you where you are! They welcome everyone!
— Clancy J.
Jordan is so cool! It is true he is really laid back and understanding. He has a way of making you want his respect without saying anything. Jordan always makes you work hard and will always give you some kind of work out even if you’re not feeling up to it. He is engaged and ready to help. He never is distracted and you never have to ask the same question twice. I began working out with Jordan with the motivation to get stronger and I have noticed a significant difference in strength from then to now. I definitely know I have gotten stronger. Jordan works well for all ages and makes workouts fun and worthwhile. Jordan is a super nice on task and cool guy to have as your personal trainer.
— Wyatt
Our saga began in 2008, when my husband Tom and I scored a three-month family membership at The Island School auction. During the intervening nine years, there were flows and ebbs and flows. Ann New was there for all of the flows, but much of time we trained with her on a non-member basis. Now - finally - we are members again, and now work out at the gym on a regular basis.

After my initial assessment with Carol in 2008, I quickly realized that I needed something more than an open door at the gym to make progress, so I started training with Ann right away. I was about to travel abroad for six months, and I wanted to develop an exercise routine that I could do virtually anywhere. Ann introduced to me to the TRX when it was still quite new and drilled me in proper technique. I bought a TRX with a door anchor and used it faithfully during my travels. I returned stronger than I had been for years . . . but I also returned to my old desk job and my old schedule and lost the discipline and momentum.

While I was away traveling, Tom trained faithfully with Ann, and she helped him cure his vertigo. He bought a membership at the gym, expecting to go regularly with all the free time he would have while my daughter and I were away. But he never darkened the doors of Island Fitness except to work out with Ann every Saturday morning.

Over the next three years I learned that playing soccer in my 50’s without any other fitness routine was hard on my knees, so I returned to train with Ann on a non-member basis and have worked with her steadily ever since. Strengthening my core and tackling my orthokinetic quirks put my knee problems in the past.

Meanwhile my daughter signed up for a high school Island Fitness membership at age 13 and worked out with friends after school. For a time, soccer and required PE classes made her too busy to go to the gym. But when her schedule lightened up later in high school, she caught the “Ann” bug and trained with her on a weekly basis to develop an at-home, after school exercise program.

The big breakthrough came last year, when I decided to celebrate my sixtieth birthday by cycling sixty miles, even though I had not ridden ten miles in ten years. Ann taught me cycling mechanics, but I realized I needed cycling company. On my first Mother’s Day as an empty-nester, I joined Island Fitness for the Saturday at 10:00 spin class and knew I’d found the path to reaching my sixtieth birthday goal.

My daughter, then 18, returned home in June and signed up for a summer membership. With motivation from Island Fitness’ Sizzling Summer program, she went to the gym every day for strength training before heading abroad to do volunteer work in ecology and economic development. She was a great work-out buddy!

Tom was the last piece to fall into place. He planned to ride the sixty miles with me, but I was worried that occasional weekend rides would not be enough preparation. Last November, with only three months to go, I gave him guest passes and pestered him to come to Saturday spin classes. He got hooked, too! Then it was a short step to buying him a membership for Christmas.

In February we rode from Colman Dock to Marymoor Park, around the north end of Lake Washington, and back on a day when snow was forecast but we weathered only rain and wind. It was exhilarating to accomplish the goal, and we realized that we want to keep on cycling. We’ve come a long way since 2008. My daughter is home again this summer, and all three of us are regulars at the gym. Tom and I are not exactly setting fitness records, but who knows what the next nine years will bring?
— Cinda & Family
I want to offer my sincerest gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the Island Fitness family. Island Fitness opened a fountain of love, joy, community, and wellness that I have not experienced elsewhere or at any other time.

In particular, I would like to recognize the role Beth Cook had in making my experience remarkable here. I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years now, and I must say that Beth Cook is hands down the best supervisor I have ever had. As a leader, she elevates the delicate balance of compassion and effectiveness to an art form. And she does it all with a smile that lights up any room. It is because of the work environment she created for me, that she gained my fierce loyalty and investment in Island Fitness.

I hope to return in three years. And I hope that I will have the opportunity to rejoin the Island Fitness community.
Island Fitness has an incredible line up of staff, who pride themselves on helping the individual meet their fitness and lifestyle goals. I’ve enjoyed being a member for the last decade, attending many of the diverse group fitness classes that are included in the membership; participating in small groups; and working one-on-one with highly-trained cutting edge trainers, who are clearly experts in their field! And, their commitment continues beyond the walls of the gym, as they practice what they preach by their ongoing involvement in the community! I feel welcomed each time I come in the door, and leave happy I attended to my health that day.
The great staff at IF makes it the best place on Bainbridge to work out. I especially like the group fitness classes and the great instructors. Nice space and equipment
— ED Z
On January 2nd, while at Island Fitness, I suffered a cerebellar stroke. I didn’t know it at the time because I had no paralysis, speech or visual impairment — what I thought of as “typical” stroke symptoms. I experienced extreme dizziness, nausea and an inability to walk – all affecting my balance controlled by the cerebellum. Thankful for the kindness of Oly Gallagher (Zumba instructor), Douglas (front desk) and Barbara and Suzanne from the Zumba class, and the quick response by Carol O’Neill, paramedics were called and I was eventually taken to Harrison Hospital. Within two days, I was transferred to Swedish Medical Rehab Facility and sent home on Sunday, January 8th. The physical and occupational therapists were amazed at my progress and saw no reason to keep me any longer.
I, as well as the therapists, attribute my extraordinarily quick recovery to Loretta Stanton, my personal trainer at Island Fitness. For years, she has focused on, and emphasized, the importance of balance in our training sessions especially as I’ve gotten older (now 65). In less than two days, I was able to walk unassisted. If you saw me, you’d never know I had a stroke just a few weeks ago. I am forever grateful to Island Fitness and, particularly, Loretta, for her dedication, knowledge, and commitment to the health and well-being of her clients.
After meeting with TRX aficionados Debbie, Pam, Jeannie and another member who chose not to be named (new member), I learned there are several reasons people who join a gym might fail but people who join others in their pursuit of fitness have a better chance of success.

Lots of us are introverts, in the Northwest especially, and we sit most of our days or run around doing errands and then squeeze in a workout before or after our day’s work. This solitary gym visit may be ideal for an ever-changing schedule but for others — even introverts — working in groups, with a trainer or even a gym buddy can bring greater success and satisfaction.

In order to gather information on their experience of working out at Island Fitness, I met with TRX class members Jeannie, Pam, Debbie and New Member to ask them two questions before class started: 1) Why did you join the gym? and 2) What have you found helps by working in a group?

As to the first question, why they joined the gym, all answered in their own way but the answers were basically the same, “I want to get fit/healthy or keep fit/healthy.”

When I asked each one what they like best about working in a group, the answer was unique but had running themes of “I need to be challenged and motivated” or “On my own, I’m toast.”

One member came to the class “to prepare for surgery and heal quickly afterward.” She decided to stay in the class and says she “feels great about the results in body, mind and spirit.”

Another member said, “Being in this group gives me support, motivation, and I have fun too. I feel cared for and I’ve come to care about others here.” In interviewing, I learned that “if someone misses more than one class, one of the others will check up on them to make sure they’re okay.”

One woman said she “always performs best with teams” and this has been true for years. She said, “I had to stay in shape as a high school and college athlete.” Then said, “Now that I’m 62, I challenge myself for myself, not to run another marathon!” This same member said, “I’m not a group person per se but I am inspired to give it my all in groups.”

Everyone agreed on the TRX instructor, “Loretta is a master.” They said, “Working with her is awesome!” One said, “She motivates us and, like a really good Pilates instructor, knows each little movement to suggest to prevent injury and give us the maximum benefit of the move.”

Another said, “Even watching another person in class helps me do the move correctly.” A few members agreed, “Working in groups makes a difference and now I never workout alone anymore.” Another said, “Though this is a really tough workout that pushes me farther than I’d push myself, in the long run, it’s much easier because I’m not alone.”

All in all, working out in groups as men and women doesn’t make the work less painful but it seems to make the work feel less like work. And, as we can see from this TRX group, when we support and inspire each other, everybody wins.
— Dr. Jennifer Manlowe
For approximately two years I have been working with Brenda Prickett, and I like you to know she’s fantastic! For one thing, she’s gone to no ends to help me get stronger and deal with assorted back and leg problems. Early on she studied spinal stenosis, then tailored the exercises we do to help my situation. She has studied the results of a recent MRI that was done on my back and went with me to talk with my physical therapist and to get his advice on where we should go from here. She is amazing and I wanted you to know she is the best!
Judy’s father (a 17-year-old First Marine) was stuck in a foxhole, getting ready to defend Henderson Airfield at Edson’s Ridge Guadalcanal. These “Edson’s Raiders” were the first Special Ops trained to handle the Japanese Samurai in the Pacific, If the Raiders could defend Henderson Field, they would break the Japanese supply line, keep them from advancing and hand them their first defeat. They held Henderson Filed.

To honor her father and commemorate the 70th anniversary of Guadalcanal, and to mark her 70th birthday, Judy Roda a 1-year breast cancer survivor decided to challenge her by running an obstacle course race! She had been taking classes with Renae McCloud and added Personal Training with Carol to develop a program to prepare her for The Warrior Dash! “I relied on Renae “Queen of Obstacle Runs” and the spirit of a warrior to push me through!”

”I am so proud of the work Judy has done! She was determined to race and her family decided to support her by racing with her! I love Judy’s sayings “It is never too late for a ‘do over!’ and “older girls can do it too!’ She shows what can be accomplished with consistent training!”

Judy blows my socks off and inspires me every time I see her. She’s 70 years old, beat cancer and kicked the Warrior Dash in the butt. I hope I have her spirit at her age! Wonder what it takes? She has a positive outlook on life, laughs and smiles a lot, is consistent with her training, works hard and is dedicated to her health and wellbeing. She’s already looking at next year, wondering what challenge she’ll conquer! I love that about her. What have I learned from Judy? To be positive every day, to never give up and to keep moving forward.

When she came back after the race she left me a note that read “The Warrior Dash was a blast! I did all of the obstacles and kept pace! 1:23mins...THANK YOU!!”
— judy r.
I am very pleased to be participating in Zumba with Oly. She is an amazing teacher/person. Her skill as a dancer combined with her joyful personality make working hard a pleasure. She cues just enough to keep us all going. I hope she can continue to offer a number of Zumba classes. Thank you.
— Bobbie M.
Oly is such an incredible teacher and addition to the gym family! See Y’all soon! Island fitness is THE BEST!!! xoxo
— AMY M.
I am truly blown away by my extraordinary experience that surpassed expectations, in preparing me to begin to achieve my fitness intentions.

With the help and training of both Kat and Brenda and their compassionate approach to coaching, I feel ready to begin the journey toward balance, strength, and agility - the goals I signed up to achieve.
— Jennifer M.
I am truly blown away by my extraordinary experience that surpassed expectations, in preparing me to begin to achieve my fitness intentions.

With the help and training of both Kat and Brenda and their compassionate approach to coaching, I feel ready to begin the journey toward balance, strength and agility - the goals I signed up to achieve.
— Leona S.
I was having back issues, feeling pain in my lower back. I knew I needed to strengthen my core! I took Jordan’s Pilates Mat class and now I’m hooked! You don’t know you need it until you try it
Jordan’s Pilates Class tunes up and strengthens my almost 70 year old body. I’m grateful and hope I can continue for years to come.
— Bobby M.

Excellent class…seamless. Jordan is very prepared and competent. One of the best classes at Island Fitness
I really appreciate the pace and strength for core practice of Jordan’s Mat Pilates class. Please continue.
— Ellen C.
Jordan teaches a great Pilates Mat class – very precise and controlled with gentle guidance. Jordan is my third Pilates teacher and I highly recommend him.
— Chirstine S.
I’m enjoying Jordan’s Pilates Mat class, the design of the movements and the relaxing atmosphere.
— Judy R.
Perfect. Classic. Jordan’s Pilates mat class is serene, calm, slower paced and not too many props. Couldn’t do a better job of presenting classic Pilates. It never feels stressful or competitive. It’s a super class and one of my favorites.
— Anonymous
Kate Smith is looking great, has increased her strength, improved her posture and relieved her back pain.

Kate says, “I owe it all to Jenny! I was stuck - doing the same workout and I was getting nowhere. Last July I started training with Jenny and started seeing the changes! Every time I go back to her for a new routine, I am a beginner again ~ and I love it!

I live in Kingston and I have tried other gyms, they just are NOT Island Fitness! It adds an hour to my day to come down here, but it is worth it!!” “I feel so much stronger! My back is better and my posture is better too!”
— Kate S.
Thank you Catherine Polo for helping keep me physically healthy, always coming up with new and inventive ways to keep my muscles guessing, and giving the endorphin boost that preserves some semblance of sanity‪#‎circuitofsweat
— Ted R.
For the past three years I have had the good fortune to have Carol O’Neill Hasko as my twice a week trainer. A recent visit to Paris where miles were walked each day (many on cobblestones) and so many tiny very old circular stairways were climbed showed what a difference my training made. As the oldest (age 83 years) of the family group of nine I had no complaints of sore legs and feet. Keeping up with the younger members was absolutely no problem. Thank you, Carol, for your efforts keeping me in good physical condition.
— Carol T.
I have been taking Colleen’s boot camp class for several months now. There’s a special magic that happens with the energy of a small group setting. You get to know your trainers at a more personal level and it’s easier for them to help you modify your movements so you are always safe. The level of inspiration Colleen gives me at Bootcamp class carries over and enhances the rest of my fitness routine.

I know when Colleen believes in me, I am driven to rise to her expectations and I work harder. Thanks to Colleen I feel safer, have more confidence and am inspired to do more to reach my fitness goals.
— Carol C.
I simply wanted to give feedback that Jennifer Horner has such a healing touch in her massages. Whether I’ve had a massage due to muscle tension or pain or for relaxation, each time she has given me a massage I have retreated to my happy place.
— Becky C.
Semi private training is almost as good as one on one personal training but with a more modest price. I get the benefits of personal attention like form correction, modified movements for my specific needs and I am challenged to push myself. I don’t need to worry about whether there will be space in the class since my spot is reserved for the series.
— Carolyn A.
I love the small classes because they provide me with the individual attention to form. I also feel as though the training is more intimate and less overbearing. There is no competition. Every level is represented.
— Brenda F.
Colleen Fisher’s Boot Camp class was exactly what I was looking for to get a full circuit training exercise experience that includes cardio and weight-training. The small class instruction is almost like 1:1 personal training but with the energy of your work out partners to keep you energized. I can’t say enough about Colleen’s ability to create a fun environment full of positive praise of what you are doing right and motivating you to push yourself to the next level. If you are looking for a smaller class size with a more individual attention with modifications for every fitness level, give it a try!
— Stephanie R.
Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the professionalism and knowledge that Gavin DeWitt demonstrated with me on my first visit yesterday. For the first time in 20 years of off and on exercise, I feel like he will get me to the point of knowing how to train with my own body type and work with the shortfalls and strengths I have.

So thank you. This is something I really needed and with such a stressful job, the reward of feeling and looking healthy again I look forward to!
— Joie O.
I thought you would like to know how much I have enjoyed yoga classes with Patricia. I have thought that all the yoga teachers I’ve had in the 9+ years I’ve been at Island Fitness have been very good-excellent, but I particularly appreciate the amount of time Patricia puts into introducing us to new poses or new variations on poses we may already know.

Every class has a different focus so I stay alert and interested throughout. Thanks so much for your work in recruiting and nurturing such a great staff!
Hi Katie,
Thank YOU so much for your creative “Spin” Class today. Truly, Katie, YOU are amazing! I just love your creativity and attention to detail! Your “gift” to us spinners…today was delightful. OK…so the theme is “Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming” and YOU give us snowflake cookies, candles (to see), hand warmers and warm hot chocolate to keep warm! And you decorate the whole spinning room in gorgeous snowflakes and “teams” and give us yummy hot coffee and goodies. My oh, Oh my! Katie you are amazing! AND it was a great workout, as well. YOU are amazing! Thank YOU. YOU are terrific!
— Mary T.
I just want you to know what an outstanding trainer and teacher Jillian is. I have had several kinds of classes with her. She is, of course, knowledgeable, kind, cheerful and supportive. What is really remarkable though, is the amount of time and care she puts into preparing for every class. She’s chosen new songs for each class and arranges original choreography for each song – a routine that’s designed exercise a lot of muscles groups, provide a bit of a challenge and end exactly when the song ends. Every class is different, which makes coming to the gym a real delight. She is a gem!
Dear Brenda:

In this season of thanksgiving, l want to take a moment to thank you for taking good care of me on my adventure into Ortho-Kinetics and all the incredible ways it has benefited me.

From the beginning of our work together you respectfully listened and embraced my goal of wanting the assessment and training to not only enhance my own fitness journey but also that of my wonderful yoga students. I can say this goal has been achieved in surprising and rewarding ways over the 3 months that you and I have been working together and I have no doubt it will become even more apparent over time.

I know you discovered early how truly intimidated and challenged I was by “the machines.” Over the last eight years of teaching at Island Fitness, I have only made friends with a few and barely glanced at the rest. This new adventure has been a bold awaking of how truly amazing they can be with an outstanding guide like you.

You are amazing. Your technical knowledge, keen observation and demonstration of correct procedures encouraged me to do my best. I needed your patience and push in equal portion which you provided with humor and enthusiasm. You were just what I needed.

With a grateful heart and renewed focus I look forward to my monthly training as together we move toward my personal fitness goal while expanding my skills to benefit my students.

At the end of each yoga class my students and I bow our heads in a sign of gratitude and humbleness - for each other, for our yoga practice together, and for a safe, clean and welcoming environment where we can move towards health and wholeness.

It’s quite a community.
— Judith M.
Catherine (Kat) Polo is quite simply a GREAT trainer. She is always prepared, focused and ready to challenge me. She pays very careful attention to form, reminding me that doing it quickly isn’t what’s important; getting the form right is what matters. She considers any injuries or chronic conditions, giving me confidence that she will “do no harm.” Variety is assured; while some “exercises” are repeated, you won’t get bored! She has a great sense of humor and makes working out fun. But you will do work; I am tired when I am done; and if I am sore the next day, I know the new exercise really did “work.” Tell her your goals and then do what she says, and you will see the results, whether it is increased strength, flexibility or endurance you want, or all three!
— Anita R.
When I first joined Island Fitness a year ago I was placed with Gavin for my Ortho-Kinetic assessment and personal training. I was seeing a physical therapist at the time for plantar fasciitis which had resulted from the poor healing of a broken ankle and wanted to ensure that I started training correctly. In addition, I was overweight and had never worked out in the fitness center before, so I really needed to learn about the equipment, and what constituted a good workout, along with my own commitment to lose weight.

Gavin did find a number of issues during the assessment that would need correction, and those were worked on during workouts over the year, with occasional reviews to ensure he was not ‘over-correcting.’ His focused attention to detail, insistence on performing motions correctly, inquiries about whether I was feeling discomfort, exceptional observational skills and technical knowledge really made me have faith in him as my trainer. He also took the time to show me how to use the rowing machine and Pre-Cor correctly for the half hour of cardio following my work out.

I trained with him one day a week and asked him to create workout programs that I could do myself on two other days, and I very much appreciate the time he spent doing that as I simply couldn’t afford to hire a trainer three days a week. We would go through these programs together to make sure I was understanding his terminology and knew how to do the exercises correctly, and he would occasionally observe that it was time for a new program, and create one.

Most of my earlier months were spent in circuit training, and as my balance and strength improved, more free weights and machines were involved. During this process, Gavin was patient, kind, tactful, and considerate. He knew how to motivate and push me while ensuring I was safe. Whenever I brought up a health concern that I thought might pertain to the training, he was very attentive.

Eventually, he determined that it was time to move me into more of weights focused training, which involved an entirely different learning curve for me. With his ability to judge what I can do, I have actually astonished myself. I have appreciated the opportunity to learn, and Gavin is a great teacher. He is always good-natured, and his sense of humor helps tremendously during workouts.

I am happy to say that my journey over the last year with Gavin as my personal trainer has been transforming. In addition to being substantially stronger with improved balance and cardio, I have lost 68 pounds without going on any prescribed diet. I initially, and for a long time, felt intimidated coming to the gym, but certainly feel more confident now thanks to everything I have learned. I would recommend him most certainly as a trainer, but have also observed his relationships with other clients and trainers, and have observed that he is well-respected and treats everyone around him fairly and directly, with excellent people-skills.

I am eternally grateful; thank you, Gavin!
— Robin D.
I just wanted to share with you that I believe I did so well through the surgeries, chemos and radiation because of Island Fitness and Michael Hauser. I am so glad I had been working out with Michael prior to the diagnosis because being fit before treatment helped me tremendously to get through it all.

I finished the last of the treatments in June and I am back working out with Michael. He is careful and thoughtful, and I am sure he’ll help me get back to the level of fitness I was in before the long winter.

Thanks for being there and hiring great people!
— Stella C.
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the fact that ever since I’ve been here I see you both continually investing in the quality of I.F., education, facilities, equipment... Thank you!
— Renie W.
Can’t praise Gavin enough, seriously. When I started with him, it was either pain killers every single day for my knees or probable knee surgery. We just moved into a two story house and I could barely make it up and down the stairs - it was so bad we were considering finding a one story which was a horrific thought to have to move everything again.

I’m out hiking all the time now, no problems with stairs, very little pain and no painkillers whatsoever. Gavin said yesterday during our session how much I’ve improved and he can’t wait until I’m jumping and running so he can throw stuff at me. I haven’t even entertained the idea of running and jumping in years so that really stuck with me... it’s pretty exciting stuff. I feel stronger than I have in a decade.
— Amber L.
Joining Island Fitness and working with trainer Michael Hauser has changed my life. I was very shy about using the gym, and uncomfortable and completely ignorant about what to do there. Michael “just two more” Hauser is patient and supportive and very knowledgeable. He put me at my ease and addressed my exact fitness goals with humor and skill. He tailored a program to me, and is always working to help me make progress. Michael “I think that was only 8” Hauser repeatedly reviewed how to use the weights/machines safely to avoid injury. Island fitness gym is a friendly place where you can extend your life and the quality of that life. They have not commented at all on my struggles with correct fitness clothing and always greet you at the front desk with an encouraging smile (do those cheerful early morning desk people sleep at the gym?). With Michael “can you feel that?” Hauser’s help, I am stronger and very happy to be getting better all the time. One tip: if someone at the gym ever asks you if you can “feel that”, ALWAYS say yes.
— Kitty G.
As a late 40’s acrobatic tumbler, I had a difficult time learning new acrobatic tricks that included twisting and the flexibility of the hips. Personal training with Gavin DeWitt has provided focused attention to those areas that were critical to my goals in acrobatic tumbling. Looking at my personal limitations, Gavin customized a workout that stressed and worked those areas so improvements could be made. With persistence and hard work, huge gains were achieved and I am now performing acrobatic tricks that would make a twenty something jealous. Thanks to Gavin and Island Fitness for an amazing program. You guys flippin’ rock!
— Carter T.
Based on my success with you as my first ever personal trainer, at almost age 66, and my experiences as one of the older baby boomers, I firmly believe that there are many more like me out there who would be similarly thrilled and relieved to become involved in a similar program. I ended up in personal training only because when I did the personal fitness assessment, I was shocked, and frankly scared, at how far out of shape I was, not to mention my deep concern that without help, I would not know how to use all the equipment and might end up going nowhere.

Working with you, I have not only begun to improve my core strength, a concept about which I previously unaware, but also I appreciate your working with me with where I am starting, out of shape, injured knee, etc, identifying muscle groups large and small that need recognition and movement, kind of like physical therapy for all parts of the body. All of this will be so valuable to folks such as I, hoping to live a healthy and active later phase of life. I know I will get there, one step at a time. And I am confident that there are many more out there in situations like to mine, but who similarly have no clue how much they need this type of help and how and where to get it.

Thanks, Gale, for all your help to date. I’m amazed at the positive difference it is making already.
— Gale W.
I wanted to take the opportunity to say what an amazing trainer you have in Kristin! I’ve been working with her since last October, and she has been a tireless supporter and an inspiration for me to get fit. She is always prompt, professional, friendly, and enthusiastic. Her gradual addition of heavier weights and more challenging exercises have resulted in my steady progress toward increased strength and stamina. Her frequent praise, “good job!,” keeps me going on days when I feel less than 100%. I look forward to working with her for years to come!
— Kristen
I have attended Diane Peterson’s Pilates Supergroup for a couple of years. As an aspiring acrobat, I have very specific goals in mind and Diane is always there to listen and work with me on those goals. As a result of working with Diane over the last couple of years, I have increased my core strength, improved my flexibility and have begun to correct some muscular imbalances. I would highly recommend Diane and the Pilates Small Group Training series to anyone who has serious fitness needs.
— Carter T.
Thanks for doing an excellent job of listening to me, observing my body, and tuning the exercises to do what I need. You are very attentive to that, and I really appreciate it.
— Marcia L.
I am having a great time!

Michael my trainer is great! He is working around my knee injuries and everything feels better when I leave than when I arrived. This was a fear of mine to make the investment in a membership and a trainer and end up feeling worse. But that has not been the case.
— Jodi s.
Glenn is such a wonderful, positive and friendly Group Power teacher. I have loved going to Island Fitness and have made friends there. I’ll be back when we move back to the island. Thanks for everything, especially your kindness.
— Wendy D.
To say that it was one of the most powerful experiences in my life would be no exaggeration. There were times on the climb when mentally it got pretty intense and there was certainly some fear management at times. It’s the real deal getting up there. It’s not “just a really hard hike…” as a friend told me. You do need to come prepared mentally and physically. There were times during the climb when I was living as “moment to moment” as at any time in my life and when I look at some of the pictures from the climb I’m very proud of what we all accomplished. It was a true adventure. I think if there’s one guarantee for the program it’s that it is going to be an adventure. And it’s going to be hard. And well worth it. I guess that’s three guarantees, but I’ll stand by them all. I can’t guarantee that you will get a world famous Sherpa on your rope which I did – lucky me – good karma from lots of time on the treadmill.
— Adam N.
Honestly I was intimidated by Pilates, not really understanding what it was. At the urging of my trainer though, I gave it a try. I was so pleased with Diane’s knowledge and attention to technique and was totally put at ease by her. I discovered that Pilates targets muscles I didn’t even realize I had. It is a wonderful adjunct to my regular cardio and strength training, and Diane completely takes away the intimidation factor. It is adaptable to any fitness level. I am so happy I was convinced to try Pilates and am now completely and happily sold!
— Renie W.
Kristin has been my personal trainer for about 10 months following the birth of my third child. After being pregnant, I had no upper body strength. I was lucky to do a single push up. Although I tried to work out on my own, I would get pushed back, because I kept hurting myself.

With Kristin’s help, I learned to use proper form and was given sets of exercises and routines that finally allowed me to progress!

Now I can do 20 push ups in 1 drop. No lower back pain as my upper back is so much stronger. I can complete 100 push ups in my 1.5 hours of work out routine and am so happy with my results.

My name is Anna W., mother of 3 and very proud to say I am (hashtag) #fitat40 #fitmom

Thank you Kristen for all your time and helping me get back in shape!
— Anna W.
I have had several training sessions with Jillian Bateman and have really enjoyed working with her. Jillian is professional and knowledgeable. She is also patient and encouraging. I highly recommend her as a trainer.
— Kristy H.
[Darcy] helped me to become comfortable in the gym and gain confidence with working out with all the different equipment.
— Stacy W.
Darcy Monette has been my personal trainer for the last 8 years. That in itself speaks volumes. She is a great personal trainer!

Darcy’s training and coaching have gotten me from not running at all in 2006 to successfully run 8 marathons — including 3 Bostons — in the last 6 years!
Darcy’s training and coaching helped me qualify for the Boston Marathon in my very first marathon only 7 months after starting to run!
Darcy’s functional training and coaching has helped me lose 40 pounds, improve my cholesterol numbers, and dramatically improve my energy and overall outlook
Darcy’s training and coaching have me feeling healthier with much more energy, and am confident that I can continue that way
For day-to-day exercise planning, training, mental prep and motivation, Darcy and her support team at Island Fitness have really made an amazing difference!
I would also add:

Darcy is sensitive to each of her client’s special circumstances:
Darcy teaches functional training which means I don’t need to pack any equipment, or rely on hotel equipment, when I travel.
Darcy not only emphasizes the exercise in my training, but has helped a lot with her coaching on the food I eat and on fueling during long runs
Darcy has really helped me sort out the options when I need to see the doctor for injuries or for physical therapy and massage
Darcy coached me to take advantage of the results from metabolic testing, which really made a difference for my running
Darcy really knows her stuff. I’ve had nothing but positive results from training with Darcy!
— Ron C.
I’ve worked with a lot of great trainers each fixing me or training me for specific goals. Gavin has been a total ego boost. He pushes me and cheers me on and I complete workouts that I never thought I could...I wouldn’t even dream up some of them. I feel confident and healthy and look better than I ever have. There are days when I am worried I won’t have it in me...that I will disappoint him. Never happens, he can read his clients and no matter what I went in to the workout feeling...I come out feeling like a Gladiator! Thank you Gavin for the new me ... inside and out!
— Laura P.