At Island Fitness, we’re passionate about the success of our clients. Throughout the years that Island Fitness has been in business, we’ve adapted our equipment, classes, and services to reflect the variety of fitness goals in this community.

Want a great facility with amazing energy? Check.

Want group classes to mix it up? Check.

Want an extraordinary personal trainer, massage therapist, or nutrition coach? Check, check, and check.

But guess what? We’ve taken it up a notch. A huge notch.

We’re proud to say that our personal training and massage staff are certified in Ortho-Kinetics®, a world class fitness assessment, training, and treatment program developed by renowned fitness pioneer, Everett Aaberg.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of personal training certifications require almost no experience outside the classroom, and the most popular certifications can be obtained entirely online. To be certified in Ortho-Kinetics®, a trainer must undergo at least 500 formal training hours in human biomechanics and rigorous in-person, practical testing. Trust us, nothing else in the industry comes close.

If you’re ready for extraordinary results in fitness, we encourage you to sign up for an assessment with one of our Ortho-Kinetics® Professional Trainers. Over the course of 3 private one-hour sessions, you will learn how your posture, available range of motion, muscle development, and current movement patterns can be enhanced to exponentially benefit your fitness plans—whether you continue with personal training, take group classes, get a customized massage, or just want to adjust your independent workouts for faster results.

We’re so convinced of the value of the assessment for all of our clients—regardless of goals, ability, or age—that we’re offering the three sessions for a total cost of $195. We think it’s the biggest, best fitness deal in the Pacific Northwest.