The Island Fitness Train to Climb program combines one-on-one training with a Professional Trainer, cardio/endurance training, and mountaineering skills into a six-month, progressive program designed to prepare participants in every way for safe, enjoyable, and successful climbs of Washington's two highest peaks, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier dominates the horizon of Western Washington. If you have always dreamed of climbing Rainier, with your determination and hard work, we can help you achieve this awesome goal. This program is designed to address the many variables that success hinges on, and give you the maximum chance of success.

Train to Climb helps you be on the right side of statistics. Only 50% of the people who attempt to climb Mt. Rainier, succeed. This includes professionally guided climbs as well as self- guided climbs. Failure happens for many reasons, including lack of preparation, (physically, nutritionally, and mentally), poor planning, inadequate gear selection, altitude sickness, and weather.

While no one can guarantee you success, with the exception of the weather, the Train to Climb program addresses all other concerns. Our training program is comprehensive, intensive, and progressive. Our peripheral activities add support and team building.

Island Fitness partners with Alpine Ascents International to lead our climb, but whether you're climbing with us, with another group, or on your own, this program is for you.

Our goal with Train to Climb is to have you not just endure your climb, but enjoy your climb!

Here is the Program Outline in detail.

Testimonials from past Train to Climbers.

Ready to sign up? Download program commitment agreement.

For more information, or to reserve your space on the rope, please contact Michael Rosenthal or Loretta Stanton.







Thru Hiking is long distance hiking and backpacking. Whether it’s a week on the Wonderland Trail or four months on the Pacific Crest Trail, Thru Hiking will change your life. You will be surrounded by incredible breathtaking beauty, and pushed to your limits physically and mentally.

To prepare for your bucket list treck, Island Fitness has developed a program to prepare you for the physical demands of a long-distance hike. Our program covers cardio training for the long and arduous demands of putting in 10-20+ miles in one day; strength training for climbing and descending multiple mountains; balance training for crossing rivers and blow downs; and flexibility for daily recovery in camp.

Over a six-month period, our base fee covers 3 guided day hikes and 3 weekend backpacking trips. It also covers 6 meetings. During those meetings we will cover training, recovery, nutrition, ultra-light equipment and philosophy, clothing, orientating and taking special care of our most valued commodity…. Our feet.

Our trainers are prepared to take you through a 3-Phase training program built on the results of your detailed Ortho Kinetics Assessment.

  • Phase I: Is all about working with individual limitations and biases of your body and preparing if for the long term demands.

  • Phase II: Focuses on the strength you will need to climb those mountains and climb over blow-downs, trail washouts and other obstacles.

  • Phase III: Adds in power and agility work to ford rivers, balance over log crossings and whatever else nature may throw at you.

You will benefit through our experience and research. Island Fitness’ Train 2 Thru Hike will provide you with the smart training that is your best short cut to achiever your goals.

For more information please contact Diane! We look forward to being with you on the trails!