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All of the therapists at Island Fitness are certified by accredited massage therapy schools and have received hundreds of hours of training in a variety of massage techniques. Their broad experience guarantees you superior, individualized treatment depending on your needs, personal preferences and desired effects. 

15 minute chair massage $27.50 members / $33.50 non-members
0 minute massage $50 members / $57 non-members
60 minute massage $80 members / $90 non-members
90 minute massage $110 members / $115 non-members
60 minute 6-pack $450 members / $510 non-members
90 minute 6-pack $600 members / $660 non-members

Swedish Massage
This classic, relaxing massage technique reduces tension, soothes sore muscles and stimulates circulation. Great for first-time clients and seniors.

Deep Tissue Massage
This therapeutic massage is designed to increase flexibility and relieve sore muscles and ease chronic muscle tension. Your therapist's strokes are slower, using more focused, direct pressure, friction and intensity to work the deeper layers of muscle tissue where stress and tension accumulate.

Maternity Massage
Treat yourself and the baby inside you to nurturing, healing touch. Regular massage during pregnancy can assist circulation, reduce swelling, improve sleep, and promote feelings of well-being. Mother & Baby must be in second trimester and be in good health.

Sports Therapy
Our sports massage focuses on enhancing athletic performance and facilitating recovery from sports-related activities. Depending on the athlete's particular needs, the therapist may incorporate different styles of massage and stretching techniques to target specific muscle groups.

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