Full Body Circuit Training with Milo!

As a 50+ year old woman with ‘creaky, cranky knees’ that hadn’t been to the gym since pre Covid, I took a chance and signed up for Milo’s new class – Full Body Circuit Training, which said “from athlete to first time exerciser, everyone is welcome”.   I was definitely intimidated at the first class as I saw the exercises she was proposing, however, she offered different options for lower impact moves, or comparable exercises more appropriate to beginners.  I decided to stick with it.  The exercises were challenging and definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone. After 5 weeks of class, I departed on my first African Safari, which involved lugging heavy bags through airports, climbing in and out of tall Jeep’s requiring high step overs and steep step downs, and a lot of walking on uneven surfaces.  I realized that Milo’s class had made a significant improvement in my leg strength, my core strength, and my knees felt better than they have in years!  Wow!  What a win that was!  Even though I am an avid walker, I had not been incorporating any strength exercises into my routine.  Full Body Circuit does just that and I would encourage other women my age and older to give it a try.  Don’t be afraid and be sure to express any concerns directly to Milo so she can help you modify the exercises to meet your individual needs.

~ Wendy A.