Fighting Parkinsons Disease and Spreading Awareness Part I

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month: Quinton Agosta Ortho-Kinetics® Professional Trainer, shares information on the disease. If you have Parkinson’s, know someone with Parkinson’s Disease or know someone who is struggling with balance and strength issues, we hope this information will be a helpful guide. When I graduated from college with a degree in exercise science,

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thankful thursdays november 2023

We are SO thankful we are inviting Members to SHARE what you love about Island Fitness by bringing your friends for FREE every Thursday in November! Guests: You are invited! Each Thursday in November come to the gym with your friend who is a member at no cost. Member: During the month of November Members can bring

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Air Quality and Why it Matters. 

It’s impossible not to be aware of air quality these days as we brace for smoke. While we all understand the benefits of exercising, exercising outdoors during periods of unhealthy air quality can do more harm than good. Breathing through our noses offers some protection, but when we are under physical exertion, we inhale deeply,

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February Focus: Self Love

As we approach the holiday that celebrates Love, we offer some ways to work on loving yourself more: Write a love letter to yourself – List your positive attributes, we all have tremendous gifts, but many of them go unnoticed. Focus on recognizing your strengths and successes. Increase your positive feelings for yourself. Make fun

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