Food for Thought

Lessons on aging

Michael Rosenthal, Co-Owner and General Manager Island Fitness An article published in the Washington Post on January 16th caused quite a stir. The story references Richard Morgan, a 93-year old man “with the aerobic engine of a healthy 30- or 40-year-old and the body-fat percentage of a whippet”. Furthermore, “…in many ways, he’s an exemplar […]

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healthy movie night snacks

What’s better than a Summer Movie?  A Summer Movie with healthy snacks! We have some Blockbuster Movie Trivia to go with our healthy movie snacks. What movie sold the most tickets ever?  Gone with the Wind is #1 followed by Stars Wars: Episode IV A New Hope in 2nd place and The Sound of Music in

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Exercise is Worth Making Time For! 

Social Connection – Working out at Island Fitness is a great way to strengthen your social connections, which is so important for our longevity! Less Stress/more energy – Moving helps us lower our stress response and create more energy. Especially if you exercise consistently! Boosted Mood – Who doesn’t feel better after they exercise!? Exercise is one of

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February Focus: Self Love

As we approach the holiday that celebrates Love, we offer some ways to work on loving yourself more: Write a love letter to yourself – List your positive attributes, we all have tremendous gifts, but many of them go unnoticed. Focus on recognizing your strengths and successes. Increase your positive feelings for yourself. Make fun

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