Lessons on aging

  • Consistency: Every week, he rows about 30 kilometers (about 18.5 miles), averaging around 40 minutes a day.
  • A mix of easy, moderate and intense training: About 70 percent of these workouts are easy, with Morgan hardly laboring. Another 20 percent are at a difficult but tolerable pace, and the final 10 at an all-out, barely sustainable intensity.
  • Weight training: Two or three times a week, he also weight-trains, using adjustable dumbbells to complete about three sets of lunges and curls, repeating each move until his muscles are too tired to continue.
  • A high-protein diet: He eats plenty of protein, his daily consumption regularly exceeding the usual dietary recommendation of about 60 grams of protein for someone of his weight. (We’ll address Protein intake at a later date)
  • The better your body functions metabolically
  • You are less injury prone
  • You have healthier bones (they are stronger when they need to support more muscle)
  • Your ease of navigating the stresses modern life increases

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