Ooh & ah Delicious Steamed Artichokes

From Kat’s Kitchen:

It’s artichoke season and huge globe artichokes are available in our local markets. This recipe calls for two globe artichokes and you can make the number you need of any size available. The largest artichokes make a bold presentation as an appetizer. Broiling the cut side adds just the right amount ooh and ah. Creating this recipe was fun for me and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


  • 2 Globe Artichokes
  • 2 Lemons – 1 zested, 1 wedged for garnish.
  • 2 garlic cloves – minced fine or grated on a micro plane.
  • 1-2 Bay leaves
  • 3-4 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • ¼ cup Mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup Freshly grated Parmesan (optional) Locatelli is my personal favorite.)
  • Water
  • Fresh herbs for garnish

Equipment needed:

  • Steamer set up or Instant Pot.
  • Bowl large enough to hold artichokes in lemon water.
  • Baking sheet.


Fill the bowl ¾ with cool water and add a squeeze of lemon. You are going to place your prepped artichokes in the lemon water to prevent oxidative browning.

To clean the artichokes first peel off any bruised leaves usually occur around the stem. Trim the stem so the artichoke will stand upright in the steamer basket. Next using scissors trim the tips of each leaf and trim the top even with a knife . Turn the artichoke over so the top is down on your counter and press with both hands to open it up a little. We’re just trying to loosen the globe up if it’s very tight. And fresh chokes should be tight. Drop each choke into the lemon water to prevent browning while you continue prepping.

Set up your steamer and pot or an Instant Pot. Zest one of the lemons, squeeze and reserve the juice from one half and slice the other half. Place the required amount of water in the bottom of your pot along with 1/2 the lemon slices, smashed garlic cloves and bay leaves. Place your steamer basket into the pot, remove the chokes from the water and arrange them in the steamer basket. Steam chokes until a knife inserted in the bottom passes through easily. For the largest chokes I start with 20 minutes.  If using the Instant Pot, use the manual high setting for 20 minutes and allow for a natural release. When using smaller chokes please remember to reduce the steaming time and test along the way.

While your chokes are steaming prepare the dipping sauce. In a small bowl, combine the juice from half squeezed lemon, lemon zest, grated garlic, olive oil and mayonnaise (if using). Taste and season with salt and pepper. If you like spicy add some red pepper flakes too. Set this aside.

Preheat oven/broiler and prepare your baking sheet as you prefer. You are going to broil the cut side of your chokes to get a few crispy edges and golden cheese.

Once chokes are steamed and tender remove from the pot and place on a cutting board and allow to cool enough to handle. Using a large knife split the chokes and remove the “choke” with a spoon exposing the heart.  Place the chokes cut side up on the baking sheet lightly brush or spray with olive oil and sprinkle with cheese (optional). Add the remaining lemon slices to the baking sheet and brush with a little olive oil.

Broil your chokes for a few minutes, watching all the time. You just want to get some crisp edges and golden cheese. Once your chokes are broiled remove from the oven/broiler and plate 1-2 halves per serving, add lemon slices or fresh wedges and smear the sauce on the plate for dipping the tender leaves. Sprinkle with fresh herbs. That’s it! Delicious and pretty steamed artichokes.

Hint: I like a lot of dipping sauce and if you do too I recommend doubling the sauce recipe. 😉