Holiday Greetings to You!

As we enter our 16th year of business at Island Fitness, we reflect on our successes and look forward to our goals. Strengthening community, spreading kindness and helping our members and staff feel good about who they are, are the mainstays of our mission.
I recently attended a continuing education intensive where I was asked to give a five-minute presentation on what makes me angry. This made me uncomfortable because that is not my approach to life, never mind the public speaking component. Michael and I strive to move from the positive, not the negative as we navigate life. I had a very short time to prepare for the talk. I went back to my room and stayed up late contemplating what makes me angry. I became anxious and concerned I would not have anything to present the next day. Then I decided to turn the question around and ask myself, “What makes me truly happy?” Then it became easy.  
Experiencing moments of kindness makes me happy. Whether I am the giver or receiver, a kind moment, especially in our current time, is priceless. What might be even more significant is witnessing a kind moment or kind exchange between two other people. 
Island Fitness is a business first, a business built on our core values: community, giving back, helping others in the moment, and helping them be the best they can be. Those values drive us to be the best we can be; at the heart of all these values is kindness. We don’t know how we attract the staff we do, but they are all exceptional, caring, and kind people who choose to work in this field, and especially at Island Fitness because they feel they can make a positive difference in our members’ lives.
We witness kindness daily; members to members, members to staff, staff to staff, and staff to members. For example, when a person smiles when answering the phone, you can hear the smile in their voice. If we work through our day from a place of kindness, good things will happen. 
So, what did I present the next day about what makes me angry? If kindness makes me so happy then experiencing or witnessing anger and unkindness makes me sad, and yes, angry. In my presentation, I gave the example of our Front Desk at Island Fitness and how they work so hard to lead first and foremost with kindness and understanding. On the extremely rare occasion when someone is rude frustrated with them, that makes me angry. Of course, when I watch the staff respond with calmness and kindness, and diffuse the situation, that makes me happy!   
In the month ahead, as we resolve to make new commitments for the coming New Year, Michael and I invite you to join us and take a deep breath and steer with kindness. We wish all our members and staff the very best through the holiday season and the coming year and we will always remain grateful for each of you. 
Warm wishes,
Alexa & Michael Rosenthal