February Focus: Self Love

As we approach the holiday that celebrates Love, we offer some ways to work on loving yourself more:

Write a love letter to yourself – List your positive attributes, we all have tremendous gifts, but many of them go unnoticed. Focus on recognizing your strengths and successes. Increase your positive feelings for yourself.

Make fun a priority – Just like rest, we all need fun to feel our best.  Plan something FUN, try something new, allow yourself to laugh and just be you.

Work on forgiving yourselfLove your entire messy self!  Imperfections are part of what makes us each unique. Embrace your humanness and give yourself grace.

Be present by saying yes and no – Our lives are full, and many things are fun and worthwhile, but doing too much can be draining and keep us from being present for the true ‘yeses’ in our lives. Prioritize and be present!

Accept that some people won’t like you – and that’s O.K. Be yourself and give up pleasing others. Embrace your authentic self!

Feel your feelings – Our feelings are an integral part of who we are, including uncomfortable feelings like anger and sadness. Allow yourself to express them in healthy, respectful ways.

Practice gratitude – Being thankful is one of the simplest ways to magnify the good in yourself and in your life. Try identifying 3 things you’re grateful for when you wake up every morning or mentally list 5 things you are grateful for from the day before you go to sleep.