Island Fitness Newsletter August 18, 2021

Finding our way forward together.

We are feeling the (smokey) winds of change as we move toward fall.  We are, once again, being asked to don our masks in all public spaces – including here at Island Fitness. Thank you for sticking with us this far, and know that we are committed to making your experience with us as safe and accessible as possible. Remember that Island Fitness offers respite from smoke and allergens through our HVAC system; Merv13 filters, air scrubbers & ionizers.  We have added additional portable air scrubbers to our studios as well, increasing air cleansing exchange! 

We continue to offer in house classes, and we are adding the option of attending many of these from home (see our list of HYBRID offerings) as well as continuing our well-developed array of virtual class offeringsFull Class Schedule.

Set your foundations for fall.

Whether new to our community, a returning member, or a long time Island Fitness client, we want you to be safe and successful.  If you are struggling to find time for fitness, this lull before fall is a good time to sit down and look at your calendar, set some goals and revamp your routine. If you are needing help, consider scheduling time with a trainer to review your goals and get suggestions on how best to achieve those goals with a solid action plan.

 We know it can be hard to just get started, or to make the leap into something new. We are here to help! Check in with our membership coordinator Eric Cessor to schedule the first part of your Ortho-Kinetics assessment. Are you interested in setting up a single session with a professional trainer? Contact our Fitness Director, Gavin DeWitt. If you are an annual member and have an Ortho-Kinetics Assessment to use ~ schedule it, and bring your list of questions, we are happy to help you navigate where to begin, what classes to try and help you narrow your focus.  


“Ralph and I just want to say that we are so grateful for the way you’ve conducted your business this past year and a half. You’ve taken the blows of the Governor’s and County’s mandates and have done so with absolute grace.  My Zoom classes with Loretta were the thread that kept me sane and centered, and feeling not so isolated.  My massages with Tony have done wonders to keep my torqued body out of pain.  We have nothing but gratitude for the business you run. 

Thank you to you and Alexa and your amazing, dedicated, and classy team!”
 Best ~ Deborah C

New portable air filters in the studios!

Island Fitness welcomes the two newest members of our clean team – our Aerus Air-scrubber bots! 

We are going the extra mile, increasing the air cleaning capacity in our Main Group Fitness Studio and our Cycle Studio with 2 new Aerus portable air purifies to work in concert with the main Aerus air scrubbers in our HVAC system.  

Help us name our 2 new air scrubber bots! (one of which is pictured here with Brittany and Eric)

Send your suggestion to Eric Cessor or leave your suggestion in the jar at the Member Services desk. 

We have room for you.  

Get that last hit of summer. Get a massage, come to Poly-Fit, try this recipe (below), revamp your routine.  

◾Expanded Hours ◾Classes ◾Training ◾Massage ◾Fountains are open ◾ Air purification

Why try PolyFit?  

PolyFit is big FUN!  and can be adapted for all fitness levels.
With its Polynesian based dance movements Polyfit will work your core and balance.  PolyFit is low impact and joint friendly.

Outside of the Hawaiian Islands, this dance-based workout is exclusive to our Island.  Josh Masters is the ONLY certified PolyFit instructor on the mainland of the US. In-person Thursdays 10am.
Watch this clip for a sneak peak at the PolyFit master and creator Kumu Keoni instructing class. Josh is on the left. 

Grilled  Fruit. A healthy Polynesian twist on dessert.  

Grilling fruit is a sweet and easy solution for a quick dessert. The high heat from the grill brings out their juiciness and caramelizes the natural sugars in the fruit. Top grilled fruit with toasted coconut flakes, nuts, and seeds. Want something more decadent? Serve with lime zest, vanilla ice cream and crumbled ginger snap cookies.

Get the full recipe here.