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5 Star Training. Professional. Innovative. Supportive.


PT sessions with Quinton always great, and IF is doing a great job on ventilation and cleaning. ~ Joe S. on 9/10/2021  


The owners, trainers, and each of the friendly people at the front desk  are truly aware of each client coming in to IF.  By aware I mean they  they CARE about our safety during these Covid times by providing the  safest possible environment to work-out in that goes beyond other  companies.  And,  health/fitness by being AVAILABLE.  IF offers classes  in small groups or personal training, or whatever a client needs to  support her/his personal fitness goals.  I’ve been coming to IF since I  moved to the Island 8 years ago.  This has become one of my “happy  places” for sure😁 ~  Kathi J. on 9/8/2021 


Island Fitness is the best!  I love my workouts with my personal  trainer, the front desk is always friendly and welcoming, the equipment  is top quality, and the team has worked extra hard to keep everyone safe  during COVID.  ~ Naomi I. on 8/24/2021 


Extremely pleased with assessment session with trainer. ~ Debbie R. on 7/26/2021


Sara does great work -super knowledgeable and supportive. ~  Anna M. on 7/16/2021

From our Training Team, mask tips:

Trainers suggest planning a STOP outside the back door to BREATHE during your circuit.

If you work at a higher intensity try the ‘turtle shell’ inside your mask to give you some space to breathe.

Try different style masks to see which works best for you.  

Here are some of our favorite’s:

  • Under Armour Sportsmask in regular or featherweight $25.00 each

  • Athleta’s Women’s Active masks 2-pack recommended by Sherry Eckert $14.99 “Breathable and affordable.”

  • Traveleisure Brand masks recommended by Carol O’Neill $10.00 each on Amazon“They fit and wash well.”

  • Diolv Disposable face masks are favored by Gavin, Quinton, Loretta, Diane and Sarah for their own workouts. $16 for 50 pieces on Amazon.


Yoga with Patricia Donbeck
  • Fall small group classes starting.

  • Great group fitness options.

  • Virtual and in-house.

  • Video On Demand at