Sheet Pan Salmon and Bok Choy – In the Kitchen with Kat

Welcome spring veggies and farmer market season. Combining in season veggies like Bok choy, asparagus, or snap peas with omega rich salmon creates a springtime fresh, satisfying, and healthful meal. By adding a few fresh staple ingredients to just one tablespoon of Hoisin sauce gives a little sweetness to a slightly spicy sauce and reduces the total amount of added sugar.


2 Large Salmon fillets with skin

2 large Bok Choy or 6 baby Bok choy sliced lengthwise

1 T Olive Oil (or preferred oil for roasting)

1 Lemon

1 T Sesame seeds

1 Green onion sliced

Sauce Ingredients:

1 T Soy sauce (or your choice of alternatives – I used Coconut Aminos)

1 T Hoisin Sauce

1 T Rice wine vinegar

1 t Sesame oil

1 garlic clove grated

1 t fresh ginger grated

1 T freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 t Chili garlic sauce

Pinch Sea salt


  • Large Sheet Pan

  • Foil or Parchment paper


Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Either lightly oil your sheet pan or line with foil or parchment and lightly oil.

In a bowl, mix the sauce ingredients together and reserve. With paper towel pat the salmon fillets dry, place in a dish and coat with one third of the sauce mixture. Set aside to marinate while you prepare the Bok Choy.

Wash and dry the Bok choy. If using large Bok choy slice length wise into half inch thickness for even cooking. If using baby Bok choy slice in half-length wise. Maintain the core so that your Bok choy holds together. Lightly coat with oil.

Place the salmon in the center of your sheet pan skin side up. I find this technique of placing the salmon skin side up helps keep the flesh moist. Arrange the Bok choy around the salmon. Drizzle another third of the sauce over Bok Choy and sprinkle everything with sea salt to taste.

Roast for 15 minutes in 450-degree preheated oven. At 15-minute check the salmon. Remove the salmon to a warm plate. Add the remaining sauce to the Bok choy and continue to roast another 5-10 minutes until desired doneness. If you prefer to remove the skin from the salmon do that while the Bok choy finishes cooking. I like to remove the skin and return it to the oven with the Bok choy to crisp up and serve like a cracker on top of the finished dish.

Once the Bok choy has finished roasting divide into four portions. Plate the Salmon over the Bok choy and drizzle any pan sauce and top with crispy salmon skin if desired. Serve with a lemon wedge. Optional garnishes sliced green onions and or sesame seeds.  

Make 2 large or 4 small servings.