What do Kids REALLY want?  

Kids want what most of us want – some time and attention, an opportunity to explore and learn new things, and some down time to recoup. With this in mind, here are some gift ideas and activities to think about incorporating over the holiday break.

Fun ideas to keep your kids (and you!) active over the holiday break:


  • Plan an outing with their buddies instead of staying home (maybe take turns with other parents). 

  • Try laser tag, ice skating, or family flag football.  

  • Invest in some lessons: skiing, rock climbing, or one-on-one training with me (or another trainer at Island Fitness) to improve skills.  

  • Go sledding, go for a hike, go to Enchant, have a scavenger hunt.

  • Volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter.

And fun gift ideas:


  • Tickets to concerts or sporting events

  • Tickets to movies or theater (support community theater!)

  • Golf passes

  • Escape Room experience (there is a great one in Silverdale: Kitsap Escape)

  • Indoor rock-climbing sessions

  • Bowling passes

  • One-on-one date with you (to a zoo, science museum, national Park, trampoline park, or art museum)

  • Whale watching trip

  • Classes: cooking, dance, painting or other arts, sailing, Parkour. (Go with them and learn something new yourself!)

  •  Private coaching for their sport or personal training to improve confidence, coordination, strength and flexibility.

Think outside of what can be wrapped in a box this holiday season, and give kids (and yourself!) what they really want.