bingo card

Ready. Set. Bingo 2021derful!

We are inviting old friends and new to join us in creating a 2021derful year! Let us start by playing a game together.

Introducing BINGO 2021derful. For the month of January anyone can participate in our virtual bingo game.

Instead of making resolutions that are difficult to stick to, follow the bingo board to foster commitment to your health, activity, self-care, and connection. Read full rules below. And don’t forget to share this email with your friends so they can be there with you.

How to play 2021derful BINGO!

PRINT your bingo board or pick up a printed bingo board at the front entrance.

DONATE If you’d like to support IF being here all year suggested donation $25 Donate Here!

PLAY begin completing squares in any sequences you choose. Each line, across, down, and diagonally represent a BINGO.

REPORT Island fitness Facebook page and comment on our BINGO post OR email Beth C. “I completed BINGO line _ “ to have your name entered for the drawing associated with that line. Last day to report is 1/31/21.

KEEP GOING Continue to complete lines and report in for more chances for win fabulous prizes! Drawing will be held on Feb 8, 2021.

Prizes: Each bingo line completed will enter you into a drawing to win the prize associated with that line.  

Line one: 1 week of classes                                 

Line two: 1-hour training session with Brenda

Line three: 1-hour wellness coaching with Kat

Line four: 1-hour massage with Alexis

Line five: 1 week of classes

Line six: 1-hour training with Quinton

Line seven: 1-hour massage with Carol

Line eight: 1-hour private meditation session with Alexa

Line nine: 1-hour training session with Gavin

Line ten: 1-hour massage with Karen

Line eleven: 1 week of classes

Line twelve: 1-hour New Years goal setting with Darcy

Blackout: (all squares filled) 1-month membership!


Q: Do I have to complete the boxes in order?

A: No, you can complete in any order you choose

Q: If I complete a BINGO line do I automatically win that prize?

A: No, your name will be entered into a drawing for that prize.

Q: How do I submit my name to be entered in the prize drawing once I complete a BINGO?

A: You can comment on our Facebook page under the BINGO post with the line # that you completed, or email Beth C. (with subject line BINGO) telling her what line you have completed.

Q: When is the last day I can submit my BINGO entry into the drawings?

A: January 31, 2021

Q: When and How will I know if I win?

A: On Monday February 8, 2021 we will be drawing for prizes. We will reach out to the winners via email or phone call to let you know how to redeem your prize.