The new equipment continues to arrive!

18 July, 2017

The new equipment continues to arrive! Fully assembled and ready for your next workout: Cybex Bravo Pro Cable Column. Come in, check it all out now!

Client comment, "Debbie Ehrig and hubby, Mike Seidl, LOVE OUR DEAR GYM! So grateful for all the TLC you share with us all."

Island Fitness is Hiring!

22 June, 2017

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Professional Trainer Achievements

14 June, 2017

We are proud to recognize Loretta Stanton, Diane Peterson and Gavin DeWitt in this Employee Spotlight. All three have made great professional strides and personal achievements over the past year which involved a lot of study, testing and travel! Because of their hard work, we all gain, gain!

Gavin and Diane recently completed 18 months of study, involving repeated travel to the Ortho-Kinetics Institute in Dallas to further their training and certification in Ortho-Kinetics. Both passed this rigorous training and were recently certified as Ortho-Kinetics Specialist Trainers. They bring enhanced skills and methods to their training at Island Fitness, and their clients are reaping the results!

Loretta has focused her education on expanding her work with women going through surgical breast cancer treatment and has been certified through the Pink Ribbon Program. Combining this with her Ortho-Kinetics training, Loretta radiates strength and purpose and brings a survivor's experience and empathy to her clients. Please take a few moments to read about their motivation and experience in their own words. 


At Island Fitness It's Personal. As a professional trainer at Island Fitness I have always strived to emphasize "personal" in my training sessions. I have often asked myself the question, "why" when I see a movement that is dysfunctional, fails to maximize performance, or causes pain. This question had been frustrating to answer at times even with a decade of training experience. I began looking for ways to develop a much deeper understanding of the body; how it moves, why it moves, and how I can help it to move better.

Last year I began to travel to the Ortho-Kinetics Institute in Dallas to find answers to these questions. During my studies I learned a more advanced assessment and programming process, refined my training techniques, and added Ortho-Metric techniques to my training sessions. This allows me to truly take clients "on their own terms" and fully custom tailor programs.

I'm excited to be able to use my newly acquired skills as a newly certified Ortho-Kinetics Specialist Trainer to help my clients move better and live better. Whether it's time to tone up for summer, improve a 40-yard dash time, or work recover from an injury, Ortho-Kinetics training is for you!

Fun fact about Gavin: He coached competitive baseball in Kitsap County for 8 years. He was a founder of Mavericks Baseball and the Bainbridge Spartan Baseball Club.


Ortho-Kinetics Level 2 took Personal Training to a whole new PERSONAL level. We learned more advanced assessment techniques and more detailed programming. What goes into creating a program for someone? How do you know when and what to change? These are details we focused on. We also learned Ortho Metrics, a method of using isometrics and other assisted resistance techniques to strengthen imbalances in joint movements. When the body doesn't move optimally, performance suffers and chances of pain and injury increase.

Island Fitness members are a vibrant active group of people. They care about enjoying the same sports and activities now as they did when they were younger. Helping clients live and perform well, pain free, and with strength, flexibility and endurance makes my days at IF very rewarding.

Fun fact about Diane: In was one of his earliest directing endeavors, Ron Howard made a movie called Cotton Candy at Diane's high school in Dallas. It was released the fall she started at a new high school in Bellevue. She missed her friends so much and was so happy to see them in the movie. There were no such things as cell phones, Facebook, internet, or email back then. There is a pretty great shot of the 16-year old Diane making her famous "annoyed student look" to Clint Howard and Charley Martin Smith during one scene.


Several years ago, I was diagnosed with stage IIIC breast cancer. That year was one of, if not the, most difficult times of my life. All aspects of who I was (am) were challenged: physical, mental and spiritual. In the midst of that, Island Fitness embarked on an extensive education program, Ortho-Kinetics (OK). The Ortho-Kinetics model gives Island Fitness trainers a tool to further personalize individual workouts. Since then, I have used the OK model with all of my clients.

Around this same time, I happened to start training four individuals with different types of metastatic cancer. I found myself in the position to combine my new education and my new life lessons learned to offer a unique training experience to individuals who have/had cancer. Since education is an ongoing endeavor, I decide to become certified through the Pink Ribbon Program in postoperative recovery for those going through surgical breast cancer treatment.

My goal for the future is to continue to train individuals in all stages of life: from young to young-at-heart, and from healthy to on-their-way-to-health.

Fun fact about Loretta: Loretta is board president of Bainbridge Island - Kitezh, formerly Camp Siberia. She has accompanied groups of youth to Russia several times and will take a group to Nepal this year.

COMMUNITY is the cornerstone of what we are all about.

06 June, 2017

If you have been a member of Island Fitness for any length of time you know that COMMUNITY is the cornerstone of what we are all about. Receiving support and strength from the power of a community can be a life saver for many and offering that lending hand is just as powerful for the giver. It is scientifically proven that community contributes to our overall health and wellbeing.

We are especially excited this year about the time-honored community events we actively support and are major sponsors of the 4th of July Fun Run, Arms Around Bainbridge and the Turkey Trot. The Fun Run happens on the 4th and benefits Bainbridge Youth Services which supports local youth with job opportunities and counseling. Arms Around Bainbridge hosts several events throughout the year including Bingo and the 30-mile swim around Bainbridge Island to raise funds for local residents in financial crisis due to life-threatening illnesses. The Turkey Trot takes place on Thanksgiving morning and benefits Helpline House, a local organization that provides assistance to local families in need including a food bank, counseling and social service support.

This year, for the first time, Island Fitness will be the organizing sponsor for the Turkey Trot. Ann Browning and Jenny Campbell, who founded this iconic Island event and have shepherded it for the past seven years, have turned the reins over to us. We're honored and excited to continue the tradition!

If you have not taken part in any of these events please consider one or all three this year. You will be getting a double and possibly a triple dose of health by not only being part of a community but using these events to inspire you to keep moving your bodies! We all know exercise is one of the first recommendations to becoming a healthier you and living a long and vital life!
One great way to move while supporting our community is to join Island Fitness in our annual tradition of carrying the giant U.S. flag in the Fourth of July Parade! We will begin sign-ups for the parade soon.

Enjoy your summer, our entire Island Fitness community is here to support you along the way!
P.S. Our youngest son Wyatt was born almost 15 years ago, the same time Island Fitness was born. You will see our young and energetic son working at the Front Desk and keeping our equipment clean! Please welcome him aboard when you see him.

Active Hope

17 April, 2017

By Mike Lisagor

I believe that the ultimate tragedy in life is not physical death. Rather, it is the spiritual death of losing hope, giving up on our own possibilities for growth. The problems that face our world are daunting in their depth and complexity. Sometimes it may be hard to see where or how to begin. But I’m doing my best not to be paralyzed by despair.
Instead, I’m trying to take action toward the goals I’ve set and in which I believe rather than passively accepting things as they are. One major aspect of this action is to take care of my physical health by working out at Island Fitness on a regular basis. Over the last 13 years, I have found that it is in these kinds of seemingly small efforts that true undying hope is to be found.

Václav Havel, the former president of Czechoslovakia, in his essay, “Orientation of the Heart,” describes hope as “a state of mind, not a state of the world.” Further, Havel says hope allows one to live with “dignity and meaning” in situations where both are in short supply, for example in his experience of Soviet suppression under seemingly impossible circumstances.

Two years ago I became the recipient of a Medicare card and found myself yet again pondering the meaning of life. A friend reminded me that age is not an excuse for giving up. Allowing myself to grow passive and draw back is a sign of personal defeat. There may or may not be a retirement age at work, but there is no retirement age in life.

Observing my wife, Trude, train with Diane for many years has been a great example of never losing hope. There have been ample times when her MS symptoms and fatigue could justify staying home. But, she rarely does! I have so much respect for the many Island Fitness members like her who I see day in and day out not giving in to despair.

Hope is akin to trust. If we could see it, there’d be no need for trust or hope. But, hope is not avoiding what is going on in the world. Instead, fostering hope involves looking directly at our reality and making the decision to improve it.
The kind of hope I am referring to is not grounded in wishful thinking. In fact, powerful hope—what’s been called ‘active hope’—may not be possible without going through despair. It is during the darkest days that we need to persevere—trusting that hope is ahead.

Hope is a promise that the worst thing is not the last thing. This promise, that there is always a way out of the muddy swamp of daily life, can give us the power to proceed. And is what we mean when we talk about hope as a resource deep within us that has the power to transform ourselves and the world around us.

Island Fitness is the sponsor of the Good Karma Blues concert (Michael Almodovar, Mike Lisagor, Joe Van Dyke, Elray Konkel, Shannon Dowling and Justin Petri) to benefit Bainbridge Youth Services on Sunday, June 4 at 7 p.m. at BIMA. Purchase tickets here.

More of Mike’s writing as well as several videos of his speeches and one-man show can be found here.

Variety is Key

04 April, 2017

Island Fitness Lead Trainer Loretta Stanton is convinced "Variety is the key to keeping our bodies and minds from becoming bored and on autopilot."

So many people wonder why they plateau in fitness or weight loss after about a month of doing the same eating and exercise routines. Stanton says, "Our bodies adapt to exercises within about six weeks of doing that exercise." For better results, she recommends "Changing your exercise routine will keep your body alert."

Most health specialists agree with her and insist that varying exercise workouts help prevent overuse injuries, boredom, and hitting a wall in fitness goals.

Loretta has lots of ideas to change our exercise routines. For instance, "If you are lifting weights, try changing the tempo of the exercise, the intensity of the exercise and the number of repetitions/sets. If you always go for a walk following the same route, reverse the route or find a new route to explore. Try taking a different class (or even try a different spot in the room of your regular class.)

If you're wondering about your own fitness challenges, form when working out, or just need help shifting your methods, consider working with IF staff members trained as specialists in Ortho-Kinetics.

There's No Outrunning a Poor Diet

26 March, 2017

by Carol O'Neill, Ortho-Kinetics Professional Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist

You can't say that you are really surprised can you? We all have an idea of what we need to avoid and what we should be getting more of, and yet...

So we think, we can just work out, we can walk more, do some HIIT training, put in more hours in the cardio room, or ramp up our weight work out. But the reality is - you can't outrun a poor diet. You need a plan, a plan that works with your everyday life, which takes into account your work/home/life schedule. A plan that includes REAL food, enough water and yes, vegetables and fruits, protein and fiber!

A recent article in Scientific American highlighted a study where researchers measured the caloric output of a group of hunter gatherers and compared that to a group of people living and working in a city. They were surprised to find that the difference in caloric output was minimal, that our bodies have an amazing ability to be efficient and adapt to our workload. Don't misunderstand me, exercise is important, for our health and vitality, and the researchers found that the difference in calorie burn from being sedentary to being active IS significant (about 200 calories) so getting active helps! But for weight loss your exercise takes a backseat to what you are putting in your mouth.

Here are some things I know, the fitness industry changes and I am pleased that Island Fitness invests time and money to educate our trainers to keep up with those changes; most people are aware of this and pay attention. But when it comes to nutrition, we often get stuck in a rut of old ideas and information. MUCH research and development in nutrition has been done, if you have not read anything in the last 5 to 10 years it may be time to revamp your thinking! Just as one example, coconut oil was thought and widely reported to cause high cholesterol. Only ten years ago, fat was considered the enemy. Now, nutritional science recognizes the importance of fat. A healthy balance of good quality fats (olive oil, avocado, walnuts and coconut oil) is essential for our metabolic and neurological health.

Our understanding of the body and how it uses fuel has grown. We want you to succeed. We want you to see the scale shift in your favor.

If you have been wanting to lose some weight. If you have experienced weight gain from stress, holiday eating, a move, an illness, or just life - perhaps it is time to get some new ideas and new information.

Our nutrition coaches use a whole food nutrition program. They tailor your program FOR YOU. We offer a FREE half hour nutrition coaching session so that you can experience coaching for yourself.

I know - you already KNOW what you are supposed to be doing right? Elizabeth says "Football players already know how to play football, that doesn't mean they don't need coaching to be a better player." We all need some direction, especially when we are ready for a change – new ideas, a sounding board, some encouragement, some accountability and of course someone to celebrate when we are successful!

Congratulations to Stefanie Sarason

14 March, 2017

Stefanie Sarason received gold medals in the 1K, the 3K and the 4X1 Unified Relay races in the recent Special Olympics! She is one of four Washington athletes who will represent Team USA at the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria, where she will compete in three cross-country skiing events during the games: a 500m race, a 1K race and a relay. She wants to thank her Island Fitness trainers Gavin and Alexa.

Train to Climb Testimonials

02 January, 2017

In many ways, the train-to-climb program far exceeded my expectations as, at the outset, I didn't quite comprehend how much my physical conditioning would improve and how important the journey of training, conditioning, and hiking/climbing experience would be compared to the stated goal of "climbing Mount Rainier". While seeing Mount Rainier each clear day from Bainbridge provides us with a sense of familiarity and emotional attachment to it, I discovered that, once seen up close and on top, it is its own awe-inspiring world with a unique beauty comprised of glaciers, crevasses, and surrounding peaks. The real challenge of reaching the summit brought a genuine appreciation for this magnificent volcano, which I shall view from now on differently than before. Instead of viewing its profile in full prominence, I now visualize snippets from the thousands of footsteps taken in the snow and scree along the trail and across crevasses that brought us to the summit (and back to Paradise).

Prior to climbing Mount Rainier, I always viewed its profile in panorama. Now, when I gaze at it, I visualize any number of the tens of thousands of steps taken at various points to reach Camp Muir, High Camp, top of Disappointment Cleaver, the crater and summit. I can appreciate its awe and magnificence much more than before. The journey taken during the training and during the climb was far more valuable for me than actually reaching the summit. Finally, a beer has never tasted so good than the one downed at the parking lot after completing the three day climb. ~
George E. TtC 2011
The program literally changed my life. After years of little physical activity and knee problems, I was unconsciously losing hope that I could do strenuous activities or go on demanding adventures as I approached 50 years old. Training for this program and climbing Mt. Rainier totally changed this around for me. I feel somewhat limitless. I don't read about hikes wondering if I could hike that far or gain that much elevation, I now know I can! I feel like I emerged into my next phase of life with new hope. One of the biggest surprises was how people in so many facets of my life cheered me on in this endeavor, young and old. I was particularly touched by how much support I received from my teenage sons and their friends; it's not easy for a 50 year old mother to inspire her teenagers. I heard endless times how people were living vicariously through me. And I was really living it! I was living my passions through fear and fatigue, doubts and obstacles.This program was a great confidence builder for me especially in terms of how far I could push myself physically. I would do it again in a heartbeat. ~Debby H. TtC 2010

I joined this program looking for a 'lifestyle' change. I had jockeyed my desk for the four previous years and was in the worst shape of my life. I had also climbed in the past (out of state) but was looking to meet other individuals locally with an interest in hiking and climbing. I also saw this as an opportunity to get familiar with WA climbing conditions. The training program is completely dialed-in and had me ready for the climbs. The trainers were always there to answer questions. The Train-to-Climb program has changed my life and gotten me back on track in terms of my personal fitness. I feel better than I have in a long time. Even with the climb behind me, I have made many friendships and continue to hike and climb with many of my fellow 'summiteers'. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking high adventure and wanting to push themselves in achieving a goal. The view from the top is well worth the effort. Jared M. TTC 2010

I thought I was training to climb a mountain. In addition, I got in the best condition ever, learned about the world of "hiking and climbing", and faced a number of obstacles I would never have thought possible. Getting strong, in so many ways, is very powerful. Experiencing the natural beauty in summiting Mt. Rainier is worth the time and effort. ~Pam M. TtC 2010

Great program. My purpose for enrolling in T2C was two-fold: to increase my fitness routine and - as the cherry on top - to climb the state's highest peak that has loomed over me since childhood. I thought I was "working out" until I began T2C. The sessions with the trainers brought my training to a much higher level and enabled me to succeed in climbing Rainier. And... I had so much fun and reward in the program that I continue with my twice-aweek training sessions, and have climbed Rainier twice more!! Finally, T2C is also a great community/social program... and further serves to accentuate Island Fitness as kind of a "new town square" for Bainbridge Island. ~Tom W. TtC 2008


02 January, 2017

Let 2017 be the year you discover your strength. During January the membership office will be staffed every day:

Mondays through Thursdays 9:00 to 7:00
Fridays 9:00 to 5:00
Saturdays 9:00 to 4:00
Sundays 12:00 to 4:00

We look forward to seeing you soon!
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