Air Quality and Why it Matters. 

It’s impossible not to be aware of air quality these days as we brace for smoke. While we all understand the benefits of exercising, exercising outdoors during periods of unhealthy air quality can do more harm than good. Breathing through our noses offers some protection, but when we are under physical exertion, we inhale deeply,

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healthy movie night snacks

What’s better than a Summer Movie?  A Summer Movie with healthy snacks! We have some Blockbuster Movie Trivia to go with our healthy movie snacks. What movie sold the most tickets ever?  Gone with the Wind is #1 followed by Stars Wars: Episode IV A New Hope in 2nd place and The Sound of Music in

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Alexa Talks Nutrition for Brain Health

June is a month for transition, and it also happens to be Brain Health Awareness Month. As a society, we are collectively learning that supporting our brain function is a critical piece to strengthening our overall health and wellbeing. Mental Health, healing from a brain injury, preventing neuro-degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s now has our

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