What We’ve Done to Keep You Safe

We’ve gone the extra mile(s) to keep us all safe at Island Fitness. Here are just a few of the many changes we’ve made to improve your safety and comfort.

  • Re-arranged equipment where possible to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing.

  • Limited capacity

  • Personal training both on-site and virtually

  • Made significant investments in air quality and HVAC upgrades, including:

    • Reconfiguring ductwork to make for much more efficient air flow.

    • Installed hospital-grade Merv-13 filters throughout the club.

    • Most exciting, we’re scrubbing the air and injecting pathogen-neutralizing negative ions into the air.

    • We’ve installed Aerus Air Scrubbers throughout the building.

    • Learn about Aeurus “ActivePure” technology below.

  • Added an outside hand-washing station (with hot water!)

  • Everyone helps keep everything clean.

  • Members get their own spray bottle & towel.

  • Staff continually wipes down equipment.